Sunday, January 15, 2006


Worse than translation?

The following are examples not of translation but of original English from an English-speaking country, found on a website devoted to local events.

On rugby:
In the 21st century, women are not considered to stand at a step rear from men.
Special "Women Rugby teams" are prepared in various countries and special tournaments and World Cups are organised particularly to cater this twig of women sports.
On golf:
This enormous event was first played in USA in 1927 and it has got higher and higher on each stage that it has been sparred out.
The Ryder Cup 2006, which is to be played amid Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th October at the K Club in County Kildare, Ireland, will take the country by gale.
The top players from America and Europe will skirmish it out again for the most famous cup in golf, with Europe eager to keep the cup for the 3rd time in string.
On leisure facilities:
Besides sports Dublin is the paramount of leisure and lots of leisure clubs host guests for leisurely activities.
Aerobics suite, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi are just a few namely items that are awaiting to refresh and sooth your anxious muscles.
There's a contact number on the site so in all conscience I suppose I should call whoever's in charge and point out the problem. But why spoil it for everybody else?

As an Irish (English-speaking) translator, living & working in France, I am ashamed! However, I cannot believe that any native Irish person would write such rubbish! I can only suggest that the texts were written by a foreign person - possibly one of the several hundred thousand eastern Europeans now living and working in Ireland.
right, blame it on the outsiders. As if anybody would allow them to publish anything in English.
Yes, if it was written by a human it can hardly have been by a native speaker (unless a disgruntled employee with a sense of humour?).

The person to 'blame' is surely whoever had the dumb idea of having the thing done by a non-native in the first place.
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