Monday, June 12, 2006


Maine French

Onze Taal and others report on a New York Times article about a revival of Maine French.

I suspect that revivals such as this, of previously depised languages or cultures, are a pretty sure sign that the object of the revival is now safely dead. But no matter. What struck me most was the statement:
And Gov. John E. Baldacci … led a trade delegation to France last fall, one of the first since tension with France began after the Sept. 11 attacks
Tension with France after the Sept. 11 attacks? I can only recall tension with Afghanistan. The tension with France, such as it was, came about much later, in connection with the invasion of Iraq and not with 9/11.

I suppose it goes to show just how successful the US administration has been in conflating the two events in the nation’s mind. Or at least in the nation’s media.

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