Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Notes on a scandal

Can't say I thought much of the movie but what about this for a review:
To play up the issues, carry them as subjects and bring into the limelight has been a forte of the Hollywood film makers ....
Judi Dench is playing a character of Barbara Covett, a veteran history teacher. She's known for being uncompromising and commanding in the school. In contrast, Cate Blanchett is performing a character of Sheba Hart, a young weak teacher who has no sway over her students. Barbara begins taking interest in Sheba and pens the daily notes about her.
Having seen the film, I now know that last line means she writes about her in her diary. But I'm still not too sure about what this might mean:
One day she witnesses Sheba Hart in a sexual encounter with her 15-year old student Steven. Anger sparks for Sheba in Barbara's heart that emerges a conniving apprehension to use this clandestine as a subtle form of blackmailing her
Actually, I've been here before. Original English so strange it could be a translation. Perhaps the writer got paid double, once for writing the text and once for making it look like she'd translated it.

"Original English" perhaps, but not apparently native English (note name of reviewer: Fauzia Mussarat). The reviews of the other movies in the list contain similar quaint examples of what drives TEFL teachers and the like to drink.
Indeed, not a native speaker and nowhere near it. Yet writing English for publication in an English-speaking country and presumably getting paid for it.

Who needs TEFL teachers?
Haaa.. article spinner's blessings.. it's a common practice in seo firms around the world to generate diff duplicate copies by using softwares and publish them.. the real meaning/sentence structure kinda get lost in the process.. I blv that kinda content isnt meant to be read by readers but search engine bots.
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