Sunday, June 18, 2006


WC in Germany

Seen on board Lufthansa:
Dear Passenger,

For the duration of the World Championship, Lufthansa will be offering you a fitting culinary experience and you can look forward to delicacies created by selected “football chefs”...

From 31st May until the World Championship Final, Lufthansa passengers can savour the specialities created by football fans among the top chefs ...
But what is this World Championship of which they speak? Is it in any way connected to the World Cup currently dominating our lives? Could it perhaps be some parallel or even rival event?

And why would a prestigious flag-carrier like Lufthansa, which proudly proclaims itself ‘Official Partner of the German National Football Team’, be trumpeting an event nobody’s ever heard of when the Greatest Show on Earth is taking place right on its own doorstep?

Unless World Championship is simply the literal translation of Weltmeisterschaft, as the World Cup is known in German, nicely illustrating why literal translation is no translation at all…

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